Qsource now is hiring Data Analyst for a known company located in Agouza

Job Requirements
‏- Experience : 3 to 4 years
‏- Perfect with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
‏- Ability to manage and train staff
‏- Have great time management skills

Job Responsibilities
‏• Review customer data entry and ensuring its accuracy
‏• Communicate with representatives and reviewing the provided data
‏• Submit periodic reports and send it to the management
‏• Create presentations and display it in meetings
‏• Create analytical reports to measure the performance of workflow and the representatives
‏• Create analytical reports to set the weak and strong points to help the management take the right decisions
‏• Collaborate with call center department and coordinate sending messages to clients, follow up and measure client’s satisfaction
‏• Manage master data Including creation, updates, and deletion
‏• Manage users and user roles
‏If you’re interested kindly send your resume to Info@sourceqs.com and write Data Analyst within the subject.
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